In order to improve the safety and fire prevention awareness of Longxingchen employees, understand the handling process of fire and other emergencies, further enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, improve their ability to respond to emergencies, and minimize the loss of fire accidents, Longxingchen United Park and Neighborhood Office Fire Brigade organized all staff to carry out the "Longxingchen 2022 Autumn Fire Emergency Drill" at 10:00 a.m. on September 15, 2022.

The first part of the drill is an explanation of fire safety knowledge. The fire captain explains emergency evacuation knowledge, firefighting knowledge, and other fire safety knowledge to all employees: "When dealing with a sudden fire, do not panic, stay calm, quickly judge the trend of the fire, and choose the correct escape method. You should cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, bend over, and quickly and efficiently escape the hallway. Do not take the elevator, and quickly evacuate to the nearest open area

After explaining the firefighting knowledge, The fire captain explained the usage of fire extinguishers to everyone: There are three parts to using a fire extinguisher: 'Unplug the plug, align the fire source, and press the handle'. Firstly, check the pressure gauge, and the pressure gauge pointer should point to the green area for normal use. Rotate the plug, find the plug, and rotate it slightly to pull out all the pins. Pull out the hose, pinch the hose on the fire extinguisher bottle, pull it out slightly, and align the outlet of the hose with the fire source. Press the handle, pinch the handle of the fire extinguisher, and press it slightly Just press the grip. Subsequently, all personnel present conducted a fire extinguishing drill, keeping in mind the precautions, implementing operational steps, and controlling the fire in a safe, efficient, and orderly manner

The instructor explained the principles, basic operating methods, and precautions of fire extinguishers to everyone on site, guided fire simulation practice, corrected non-standard operations, and improved employees' correct understanding of standardized operation of fire equipment.

Subsequently, all personnel conducted emergency evacuation drills. The fire instructor emphasized the precautions and instructed the staff at each window to quickly organize the Emergency evacuation of employees and escape from the fire scene by means of escape routes.

After the drill, Wang Chao, Deputy General Manager of Long Xingchen, summarized the fire drill. The fire drill is not only to reduce the loss of personnel and property in case of fire, but also to warn everyone to improve their awareness of safety precautions. Life is above everything, and safety is more important than Mount Tai. We should always tighten the root of safety, and not relax in our daily life and work.

Through this fire safety drill, all employees learned and mastered the operation and use methods of fire extinguishing equipment and emergency evacuation knowledge. At the same time, everyone realized the importance of fire protection work and the necessity of preventing fires, further strengthened safety production management, tested the operability of the plan, familiarized themselves with the emergency rescue process, and promoted the ability to command, coordinate, and handle emergencies, This has laid the foundation for efficient and orderly safety production work in the future.