On January 18th, Wang Kang, Chairman of Shenzhen Youfang Technology Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited our company for inspection and guidance. Chairman Hao Chengjun warmly received and gave a detailed introduction to the development of Long Xingchen, and communicated and exchanged ideas on the cooperation and development with Youfang Technology.
Wei Ping An, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Youfang Technology and Senior Advisor to Long Xingchen, participated in and accompanied the inspection.

Chairman Hao Chengjun accompanied guests to visit the production workshop.

Chairman Wang Kang highly praised the development and construction of Long Xingchen. He hopes that in the future, both sides will further deepen exchanges and work together to build a path of integrated development.
Chairman Hao Chengjun stated that Youfang Technology is a listed company and a benchmark and role model for us to learn from. Chairman Wang Kang personally visited our company for inspection and guidance, bringing us a new concept of enterprise management and development, which has extremely important guiding significance for us. We need to learn from the advanced, learn from the strengths of others, and constantly explore and innovate, so that Long Xingchen can truly become a leader and leader in the segmented field of the medical device industry.