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Meet customer needs with high-quality products, perfect services, and pragmatic prices

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Corporate Vision: Committed to providing customers with professional power system solutions

Cooperation concept: work together, win-win cooperation

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We are a thriving team in unity and cooperation

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Shenzhen Longxc Power Supply Co.,Ltd

It is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in switching power supply research and development, production, sales and providing high-reliability power supply solutions. It is also a domestic manufacturer of high-frequency switching power supplies for medical equipment with scale and R&D capabilities. Founded in 2009, the company insists on meeting customers' needs with high-quality products, perfect services and pragmatic prices.

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High cost performance

Rich technical resources

High quality and efficiency



Employees work seriously and produce the products they need

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Provide solutions that meet customer needs

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Strong selectivity, high-quality product quality

Corporate culture

Manufacturer of high frequency switching power supply for medical equipment

Corporate vision: to provide customers with professional power system solutions.

Enterprise purpose: quality-oriented, honesty as the soul, pragmatic innovation, and excellence.

Business philosophy: integrity, professionalism, innovation, excellence, quality and service.

Cooperation concept: work together, win-win cooperation.


EN ISO 13485:2016


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